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  • David

    Not sure if this suggestion has been made previously, but it would be EXTREMELY helpful if an extra box was made available alongside the sets/duration and reps boxes with the option of allocating resistances for exercises i.e. in kg/lbs

    Would look something like 3 sets/ 10 reps/ 10kg

     This omission, in my opinion, is the only negative aspect of MPR...

  • MPR Support (Richard)

    Hi David and thanks for your feedback. The vast majority of the exercises in the MPR library do not relate to the use of weights. This is why this is not a standard box on the Rehab Plan.

    You do however have several options to add it as you need.

    1. Add it in the default text. The update will only be shown for that Rehab Plan

    2. Add a comment via the insertion of a free text box above the exercise

    3. Click on the title and add it in there.





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